A number of commercial inks are available for conventional Aerosol Jet fabrication. As with any emerging technology, each new application creates an accompanying opportunity to formulate the optimum material to yield peak performance of the resulting product. Aerosol Jet printing offers an almost limitless range of possibilities where its fine dimensional control, wide working distance and superior dispersion can be used to create next-generation components. To address on these opportunities, Qi2 optimizes the ink-substrate combination for each application using in surface preparation and characterization tools including:

  • YES 500 plasma cleaner (removes organic contaminants, controls surface energy of substrates, and promotes adhesion of printed inks)
  • Rame-Hart goniometer/tensiometer (measures surface energies of both solids and liquids and predicts adhesion/wetting characteristics of inks onto substrates)
  • Wesco Polarizing Microscope (inspection/imaging of printed features in transmission and reflection modes)
  • Veeco Dektak 3-30 profilometer (measures profiles of printed features and the surrounding area)
  • Full range of electrical measurement instrumentation
  • Box furnace and gravity ovens (preparing, drying, sintering, and curing of inks)

These resources allow for successful ink-substrate compability analysis and optimization to address new AJ printing applications for piezoelectric, photovoltaic, semiconductor and other advanced materials.

In line with our commitment to research and technology development, Qi2 applies its scientific and engineering resources to explore the boundaries of what is possible with this technology. Through our work in developing Structural Health Monitoring technology under federal government funding, we have accumulated an appreciable portfolio of AJ process expertise and innovations.

In addition, Qi2 draws on its network of partnerships with research organizations to access external talent that complements our internal expertise. The net result is a combination of material and process solutions that are custom-developed for each client’s unique application.