Creation of new materials is a requisite to deliver the next generation systems. This need leads Qi2’s commitment to the development of materials with singular properties that deliver exceptional performance at the system and service level. The array of applications is all encompassing.

As greater sensitivity is required of electronics and instruments, and required tolerances in hostile operating environments become more demanding, a foundation of new materials with novel dielectric, piezoelectric, ferroelectric, optical and mechanical properties must follow.

We are matching knowledge to production

In response, Qi2 has developed and will continually strengthen new capabilities that provide a source of invention for crystal materials.

Qi2’s investment into subject knowledge acquisition AND our building of the advanced facilities and systems required to grow, develop and commercialize these critical elements is aimed to secure a leading role in this new future.

Now, available as a unique resource to our customers, Qi2 operates its own state-of-the-art crystal growth facility.

“Everything is made of something. If you don’t have the material technology, you lose the device, the system, the application.”

Robert A. Laudise