Qi2 has solved some of the most challenging needs for advanced and special use instrumentation required by industry and government. Our delivery of more than 30 special application robotic, automated and manually operated systems has equipped Qi2 teams with a superior working knowledge about the technical performance of the major modalities used to accomplish non-destructive examination, test and measurement, quality control and detection. We are experts in building custom instrumentation and transport systems that must function at extreme temperature or pressure (even greater than 25,000 psi), or in hazardous environment conditions.

  • Custom sensor arrays
  • Precision mechanical stages
  • Power supplies
  • Full instrumentation systems
  • Automated crawlers / transports

Qi2 is uniquely equipped to investigate options and determine the best approach to meet a customer’s need for the measurement of small, hard to reach spaces or complex geometries. We are also well-qualified to deliver systems that can sustain operability at extreme pressures. Once the best method and combination of technologies is identified, Qi2 has the resources to reliably and repeatedly design, engineer, build and deliver custom instrumentation solutions.



Boeing 777 parts alignment

Our EUCLID laser-based alignment system delivered Boeing with its needed solution for alignment of interior components through the long length of the cabin to an exacting tolerance (±0.2mm) in the assembly of its wide body aircraft.



Oil/gas drill power section QC

Qi2’s development of its QC-40 has given the oil and gas industry the first factory and field solution able to measure the complex geometries of highly critical use progressive cavity pump stators.




GuyWire Inspection

Our Sherpa™ GuyWire Inspection System combines an innovative crawler with a Magnetic flux leakage (MFL) based inspection module to measure area loss caused by internal corrosion in guy wires.


Electromagnetic Systems


Conductive composites inspection

Developed first for the US Air Force, our revolutionary Infrared Thermography System (ITS) uses eddy current induction and thermal imaging to detect disbonds in composite surfaces.