Qi2’s time-honed ability to blend these two activities to produce viable materials and systems, combined with the knowledge to translate our research into fully-functional solutions, is what distinguishes us from others. Through grant-funded and customer-ordered work we are in a continuous pursuit of developing new materials, components, and systems that will deliver improved measurement, inspection and sensor capabilities. Our work supports applications that may range from industrial equipment to high-performance aircraft; or sensor requirements that span from the need to detect minute changes in the structure of a bridge to a sensitive change in a biometric. Select an area of interest from the map at right to learn how Qi2 applies its R&D resources to meet this objective.

re·search: n: a detailed study of a subject, applying observation or experimentation in order to achieve (new) information or a (new) understanding.

de·ve·lop·ment: n: work directed toward the innovation, introduction, and improvement of products and processes.