Qi2 operates a state-of-the-art Optomec Aerosol Jet® 300P System for Direct Write printing of electronics supported by our, sensor development and materials expertise. Not just a Research and Development tool, our AJ deposition system is available for contract manufacturing of advanced printed electronics, sensors or controls. If you have a prototype, we can be your partner in process development and manufacturing scale-up to bring it to market. Our full capabilities appear under Aerosol Jet Research and Development.

Qi2 services support:

  • Contract production
    • Fabrication of custom designs and device architectures using commercially available inks or proprietary customer-provided inks
  • Optimization of ink and substrate compatibility to meet customer specifications Learn more

Multifunctional Composites Using Additive Manufacturing

3D Printed Thermal Protection System on Composite Structures

Conformal Printing of Sensors on 3D and Flexible Surfaces Using Aerosol Jet Deposition

TP-460 Aerosol Jet Printing onto 3D and Flexible Substrates