Qi2 has a deep commitment to the energy industry. We are continually working on ways to improve asset utilization through the delivery of more versatile and greater sensitivity structural health monitoring solutions. We pioneered development of the first laser profilometry tubular inspection system, which changed the inspection process for many process refiners, and has led to improved utilization of critical plant systems. Similar firsts are the measurement and inspection of reformer tubes and unpiggable pipelines. Most recently, our development of the QC-40, designed to inspect complex stator profiles, provides a new inspection solution for drilling operators to improve drill power section performance and reliability.

Our expertise of customer solutions spans:

  • Exploration and Production
  • Refinery and Process
  • Pipeline
  • Storage and Transportation

Qi2 is expert at developing sensor based systems, controls and transport systems able to work at extreme temperatures, pressure and caustic environments.

QC-40 – Stator Inspection System [Rapid Stator Inspection]