LOTIS® QC-40 Stator Inspection System

LOTIS® QC-40 delivers value down the chain; for quality control at manufacturing or refurbishment centers, to inspectors on the rig, where critical "go/no go" decisions are made.
The LOTIS® QC-40 is a revolutionary inspection tool that delivers the first practical method to effectively profile and measure the complex geometry of Moineau-type pump stators, along with pipes and tubing, or any long smooth or rifled cylinders - quickly and with assured accuracy. First designed for drilling power sections, the QC-40 probe is designed to measure regular and irregular dimensional radii of the tube up to a length of 10 feet; making possible inspection of up to 20’ stator sections.

How Does it Work?

The QC-40 uses laser-based surface profiling to provide highly accurate cross sectional dimensional profiles and measurement of hard to reach tubular interiors – regardless of its geometries or material surface.

The operator takes measurements by inserting the laser probe into the tube and locking its position with expanding centering shoes. Once locked, it is simply a process of rotating the probe. The laser heads collect the measurements data, which is instantly processed through the system software.
The data collected is displayed on a user-intuitive control console
FULL-FUNCTION DISPLAY – In seconds, the QC-40 program displays measurements in their numeric values and provides a map of the physical geometry. The operator can quickly compare the profile to design specs.
giving the operator immediate visual feedback on the measurements, delivered as numeric values, and in a graphic display of the geometries of the measured tube.

The operator can print a report, save the file for compliance reporting, or archive results for later retrieval. It could not be easier!

System Specifications

  • Measure wear of stator linings
  • Elastomeric-core or all metal stators
  • Measure pipes and tubing
  • Reduce inspection costs and improve quality of actionable information
  • Quickly measure and map profile as well as deviation from manufacturer specs
  • Compare to design profiles to determine QC compliance or usability
  • Measure any wall deformities to accuracy of ±0.002 inches
  • Gives QA/QC managers improved quality control of critical drill motor components
  • Easy to learn – and even easier to use

LOTIS is a registered trademark of Qi2/QUEST Integrated, LLC.