Qi2 is one of the most innovative technology incubators in the United States. It is a recognized leader in the development of advanced non-contact measurement systems and sensor solutions, the science of which Qi2 has had as its focus since 1985. Overall, for more than forty years, government and industry have looked to us to solve the unsolved and deliver new technologies that change what is possible.

Founded in 1970 as Flow Research, and then changed in 1990 to QUEST Integrated, LLC. – Qi2 is the third generation brand evolution and is the trade name chosen to reflect our expanding horizons.

Qi2’s competitive advantage is in our approach to problem solving mated to our application of intellectual property and experience in laser profilometry, machine vision, robotics, microelectronics, computational measurement of complex geometries, and more recently novel materials development. Qi2 customers acquire access to unmatched engineering resources, as well as a proven source of sensor based systems – some of which have forever altered major industry processes.

Our brand statement “Quality in Engineering, Science and Technology” is a reflection of our commitment to continually push this legacy of repeatable performance and innovation in service to our present and future generation customers.

  • Privately held
  • Headquartered near Seattle, Washington USA (Kent)
  • Actively serving industry and government worldwide